Bomb Trains

This isn’t just a big potential problem in the Northwest, I’ve seen many of these rail cars roll in my neighborhood.


From Vice News:

It’s estimated that 9 million barrels of crude oil are moving over the rail lines of North America at any given moment. Oil trains charging through Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama, and Canada’s Quebec, New Brunswick, and Alberta provinces have derailed and exploded, resulting in severe environmental damage and, in the case of Quebec, considerable human casualties.

A continental oil boom and lack of pipeline infrastructure have forced unprecedented amounts of oil onto US and Canadian railroads. With 43 times more oil being hauled along US rail lines in 2013 than in 2005, communities across North America are bracing for another catastrophe.

How this web host is backing Net Neutrality


Web host gives FCC a 28.8Kbps slow lane in net neutrality protest

NeoCities finds FCC’s internal IP block, throttles connections to dial-up speed.


Lots of people are angry about FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s Internet “fast lane” proposal that would let Internet service providers charge Web services for priority access to consumers. But one Web hosting service called NeoCities isn’t just writing letters to the FCC. Instead, the company found the FCC’s internal IP address range and throttled all connections to 28.8Kbps speeds.

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My take on the Iraq and ISIS situation

So if you’ve been paying attention to world news lately, you already know the nation of Iraq is in a deep state of turmoil right now. I wanted to give my take on the situation and how I think this will all eventually play out. While I’m no expert on the Middle East, I have been following the region since the United States invaded Iraq and I think that should count for something.


I can’t help but chuckle a little when I see or hear these pseudo-progressives saying we never should have invaded Iraq, when they were singing a completely different tune 11 years ago. So where the hell were you guys when Bush and his sycophants were spewing all the hype about WMD bullshit? I remember exactly what you all were doing at the time. When Bush’s approval rating was up to 90% many of you were shouting down the few people brave enough to speak out and calling us “traitors” and “un-American”. It’s not very nice to say, “I told ya so” but fuck it I’m rubbing ya’ll’s faces into it this time.


Anyways, now back onto how I think this situation will eventually unfold. I do think the Obama Administration is true to their word and that we will try as hard as we can to re-deploy as little military assistance as possible. These 300 military advisers that are now in Iraq and advising the Iraqi Security Forces is Obama betting that Iraq (with help from Iran) can fix the problem on their own. However, on the other-hand I don’t see the United States continuing to not do much, especially if this conflict starts to destabilize the rest of the Middle East. That’s when we will definitely play a more active role and start fighting ISIS. Much of the U.S. economy is still very dependent on oil and too much has been invested to just simply let it all go.

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We’re Now Online!

We’re pleased to announce that has now been officially launched. The video uploading functionality isn’t yet operational (no biggie) but everything runs smoothly. Lots of content will be published in the near future. If any of the few members here witnesses a strange glitch then don’t hesitate to let us know so we can investigate.