How To Improve Your Internet Connection (for Kenny)


Every time we talk on Skype (which isn’t much) it seems like the signal is lost within about 1-2 minutes. If we’re lucky you’ll have up to 5 minutes of talk time before we’re cut off. This has been going on for about 2 years and it seems to be getting worse. We had a discussion a while ago on exactly how to improve your internet. I don’t expect you to remember all what was said, so I’ll post the brief version of what we discussed in this blog.

These are several methods that I think could improve your internet tremendously and you really should explore these 3 options.


Option #1 – Get a WiFi range booster:

This is by far the quickest, cheapest and easiest method in attempting to improve your signal. Nowadays just about any electronics store has them for about $35 and you’ll find them even cheaper on eBay. If the extender doesn’t help much, then chances are there’s a bottleneck going on with your landlord’s internet. Since your WiFi connection is shared by about 40 tenants I have a bad feeling this method will only give you mixed results. Since this is the easiest method I suggest trying this one first.


Option #2 – Tether your smartphone and get unlimited data:

You said Virgin Mobile gave you unlimited data but unfortunately I learned they don’t offer truly unlimited data. In fact, most of the phone providers out there do not offer unlimited either. Any one that advertises Unlimited but has an (*) asterisk beside it, usually means they’re full of shit and they say so in the fine print.

The only providers I found who had truly unlimited data was T-Mobile and Sprint. Their plans though will cost you anywhere between $75-$85/month but it’s unlimited everything.

Once you have an unlimited data plan, then you wanna get your phone tethered (turn it into a wifi hotspot). Before doing that you’ll first need to get the phone rooted (for Android) or jailbroken if it’s an iPhone. Rooting and jailbreaking essentially removes all the digital handcuffs and gives you complete unrestricted access to the phone.

Once that has been done for, then find a good app that’ll easily allow you to tether the phone. There’s plenty of tethering methods to choose from. Just Google them


Option #3 – Satellite internet:

Since you don’t own your home, you of course have to get the okay from your landlord first. I haven’t looked at satellite internet in a while so my info may be a bit out of date.  Last I checked, satellite internet was limited to certain areas and kinda slow especially for what it cost. Personally, I don’t think this would work too well for you but it is an option to explore. In my opinion, I think either Options 1 or 2 would help you far better.

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