How to Deal With Smear Tactics

There may come a time when a person is escalating things and viciously trying to defame you. For example, such as the shit-heel I was dealing with yesterday. In a situation like this then you may feel compelled to defend yourself.

Remember, if they are making outlandish accusations and personally attacking you then they’ve already compromised themselves.

Here’s a list of how best to proceed:

  1. Stick to the facts
  2. Keep opinions to a minimum
  3. Avoid logical fallacies as best as possible
  4. Be very explicit & document everything!!


I cannot stress enough how extremely important #4 is. Chances are once you’ve refuted, they’ll try to lie more or take whatever you say out-of-context. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way…

Logical Fallacy Cheat-Sheat:

If you follow all of the above then any witness will be able to easily determine who the enemy is. Or least that is someone with a brain-stem and a conscience.

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