How To Get Fired!

To not go too much into detail on how I earn a living, my 2nd job I work as a contractor. I spoke with an employee who I never met before and he had a bit of an attitude. It kinda comes with the territory in the work that I do so it was no biggie for me. However though, right after we got done talking, this elderly client approaches and starts asking him questions. As the old man was walking away the guy said “loser” under his breath and even put an “L sign” on his forehead.

If that old man hadn’t been hard of hearing and didn’t have his back turned he likely would have noticed the transgression and there would’ve been a big problem.

Normally I would’ve done nothing and said to myself this is none of my business. However, this has been a real crappy couple of weeks, so I said to myself “you know what fuck this motherfucker”. I’m gonna torpedo his ass. So I told the manager all about it and judging by the body language I got a strong feeling this employee has been a problem before. The manager was pretty upset and lets just say I don’t think he’ll be working there for much longer. LOL

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