The Rise of OuterNet

We’ve all of course know about the Internet but recently there has been the development of Outernet. It’s been dubbed as the ‘library in the sky’ as it is meant to freely provide vital information in areas of the world where internet is scarce or non-existent. This will benefit people living in an areas hit by a major natural disaster, war-torn countries or trying circumvent censorship.

Personally, I fell in love with the concept upon hearing it and I think it has massive potential of becoming a lot more as the network grows. Concerning censorship, during the 2016 Presidential election various social media outlets have set a disturbing precedent of getting closer in bed with the mainstream media. They’ve censored various independent media that give a different viewpoint or straight debunks corporate media. If this trend continues then Outnet could eventually prove to become a vital asset as it’s not corporate run but instead by means of non-profit.


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