3rd Party Voters Are Not To Blame For Trump Getting Elected


Even if Jill Stein or Gary Johnson came close to “spoiling” the election for Trump or Hillary it’s ludicrous to blame someone for voting who they think is the most qualified. Frankly, it’s victim blaming to scold disenfranchised voters for refusing to back candidates who are part of the problem.

If you’re really upset about Trump winning (I’m not happy either) then don’t be blaming the 3rd party vote. You had someone in the earlier stages of this election who likely would have defeated Trump. His name was Bernie Sanders and he consistently had VERY strong poll numbers against all the GOP candidates during the primaries (Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, & Trump). If you remember, Trump polled the lowest against Hillary and that was 1 of the reasons why the GOP didn’t initially want him. If Hillary couldn’t win against the GOP’s weakest polled candidate then frankly her campaign was doomed from the start.

The Democratic Party stated publicly they were neutral in the primary battle between Clinton and Sanders. However, thanks to the email revelations by Wikileaks they secretly detested him. They along with the mainstream media joined at its hip did everything to undermine him and near the end it finally worked. Even going so far as to lie and demonize Sanders supporters as being “violent” at state conventions and rallies.

It wasn’t the best person who got nominated, instead it was the biggest weasel with almost the entire party backing her. When we tried pointing all this shit out we were repeatedly shut down and accused of being crazy conspiracy theorist and told to just get over it. Evidently many did not just get over it, a lot either went Green and a few even joined the Trump train. As the weeks went by I steadily saw more Sanders supporters on Twitter starting to don that red #MakeAmericaGreatAgain hat.

You had somebody who had a better chance of stopping Trump and you blew it…

So quit your whining this is the bed you’ve made for yourselves.

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