Weighing in on Boogie2988 and Anita Sarkeesian

So this concerns a very well known user called Boogie2988 who was on a Q&A panel at VidCon 2017. One of the other panelist included feminist Anita Sarkeesian and according to his own video (embedded below) being teamed up with her made him very nervous. He was afraid of the possibility of accidentally saying something that might offend her.  In fact, so much so he spent weeks in advance going over his statements, analyzing and asking close friends if anything in the slightest came across as offensive.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qEwRZ0PziA?showinfo=0&w=560&h=315]

LOL, despite Boogie2988’s best efforts, she managed to find a rather non-controversial statement that he said to be offended over. As soon as the panel discussion ended, Anita waited for him backstage and that’s when she decided to get real nasty with him.

According to him, Anita eventually calmed down and they had a civil debate/discussion of sorts. Making it sound as if Anita had a better understanding of where he was coming from and somehow developed a mutual respect. However, he then says something that totally contradicts such a notion. Near the very end, he asked Anita if they could take a picture together and she turned him down!!!

Boogie, I don’t know you at all and this was the 1st video I’ve ever seen of yours. From what little I’ve gathered, you remind me of an abuse victim who’s in a deep state of denial. Ya know… the type of person who bends over backwards trying to make a relationship work, despite their partner abusing ’em at every turn… I know you and Anita aren’t in a relationship but I do see some parallels and I hope this gets my point across.

Speaking of Anita getting shitty with you, have you asked yourself why she waited to do it backstage? She had no problem whatsoever talking shit to Sargon of Akkad and publicly humiliating him. She could’ve done something similar on the panel that she shared with you but did not. Why is that?

Sargon of Akkad is a very polarizing individual, most people either love or despise him. Anita saw she could easily getaway with such a transgression towards Sargon especially since they were hosting a feminist panel. Boogie on the other hand comes across as that big jolly guy who can get along with just about anyone and I think Anita picked up on this. If she got shitty towards him like with Sargon, people would’ve quickly recognized she was being a cunt and would start turning against her. Regardless of the reason it was cowardly for her to wait til the public forum had ended and bully backstage.

In my opinion, one of the biggest red flags was when Anita refused to take a photo with him. Her excuse was something along the lines of supposedly not understanding on where he fully stood on certain topics. And my response to that is…. lolwut? What difference does that make?!!

You have A-list celebrities going on about their regular day, being stopped by fans asking for autographs and photos. These famous people are usually able to oblige such requests but this little internet personality cannot??!!

She had no problem getting all smiley for Stephen Colbert a few years back. But for some strange reason she can’t be seen with another content maker. I guess as an individual she does have the right to turn someone down. At the same time people can and do judge such behavior and IMHO that’s pretty shallow.


Someone who’s that concerned with their public image is not worth the time of day.¬†This was not a healthy encounter and this most certainly isn’t a nice person. You really need to re-think this one Boogie….

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