The Book of CrazyHair Has Been Written


I’m not gonna re-explain this whole situation if you’re not already in the know. It’s a real long story but AgentOfDoubt did a great job summing up the situation well. And he also made another post concerning the priming effect and confirmation bias.

Naomi here’s my assessment of this situation and ultimately what’s going on. I don’t think a lot of these guys truly believe you’re this horrible sociopath that they’ve made you out to be. They’ve done this not because it’s the honest thing to do…. but rather it’s the safest thing for them to do…

What do I mean by this? These guys may be shallow, hateful cunts but I don’t think they’re stupid. With the level of subscribers and viewership they get, they treat their precious little YT channels like a business (they’d be fools if they didn’t).

This is NOT the type of drama where lets say where Blaire White starts sparring with Onision. No that is “good drama” meaning when it’s all done and over with; subscribers have increased, AD revenue earned and both sides are pretty happy with the outcome. No, this particular kind of drama involving you can become VERY DESTRUCTIVE and they know it. That’s especially so if this were to drag on long enough.

As you’ve already experienced it doesn’t take much effort getting large crowds of people to pile on someone. People who gather into a mob mentality just don’t think things over logically.

They knew the treatment towards you could really bite them in the ass. So they had to act fast and draw a line-in-the-sand, demanding that everyone was either with or against them. Since smaller content creators almost always suck up to the bigger people they all fell in line…. And all the fanboys and fangirls who don’t make content of their own. They never think for themselves, they just let these online narcissistic personalities do all the thinking for them…

Aggressively painting you up as this stalking psycho. Then quickly moving on and pretending like this situation never happened. Ultimately, not giving their audience much time to think over this hatchet-job and herding them off to the next subject. As time went by I noticed a small number of people in the comments were re-evaluating things. Realizing their narrative against you wasn’t fully adding up.

It’s like that old saying by Mark Twain goes, “a lie can travel around the world in no time, while the truth is just now putting on it’s shoes.”

I don’t think they were trying to have an private little get-together up in their hotel room as they’ve been saying. If that was the case then why the hell would they lead all these people away from Vidcon to a failed rooftop party in the first place? This wasn’t a short drive a few blocks down the road. No this was in Los Angeles, almost an hour away from Vidcon.

You don’t invite a bunch of people over whom you hardly know if you’re trying to have a private hangout among close friends. This was just a hasty attempt at covering up on how badly they treated you. Under the flimsy notion… muh personal space!! They know full well that stringing you and others along an hour away from Vidcon to a poorly planned rooftop party that never materialized was shitty.

From what I gather everyone was fairly pissed off the moment they arrived at Blaire’s hotel cuz their Uber rides were almost $100. Then people became even more pissed off upon realizing they traveled all the way there for nothing since they couldn’t go up onto the roof.  Rather than roll up their shelves salvaging a shitty situation and coming up with a plan-B. They instead ran away and hid up in their hotel room leaving everyone down below hanging.

LOL, how dare CrazyHair go up their hotel room, shower them with gifts and in exchange want some of their time. I mean she only got led an hour away from Vidcon and spent almost $100 on an Uber ride. Nah they can’t be bothered entertaining an invitee a little bit. Instead they treat her like vermin by chasing her around the room with a cologne bottle (she’s allergic to). Then making racial statements and calling her a “gypsy”. When calling her a “gypsy” I’m sure they meant that in a good way. LOL.. real nice people there….

The Book of CrazyHair has been written and it’s been incorporated into that little Anti-SJW Bible they got going. Their book basically states that CrazyHair is bad and she should be shunned from their personality cults…. I mean… online community. To go back now and acknowledge they blew this way out of proportion would mean they’d have to check their egos. Also admitting to their fanbases that they dun goofed. IMHO most of them (if any) will never do that.

Crazyhair, just because bridges have been burned doesn’t mean your time as a content creator is over. If you make good content, which you do, tho i don’t agree with a lot of things you say. Sooner or later people will eventually discover you, thus you don’t need to rely on bigger subscribed people. It may take longer to obtain recognition but if you keep it up people will eventually come. You’re already at a good start with having over 4000 subs.

You said something about suffering from depression and anxiety so I have a bad feeling this is gonna hit you hard later on down the road. All I can really say is eventually you’ll get over this and you’ll come out of it wiser and stronger.

The few people (and I mean very few) who I consider true friends know that I take my friendships with them very seriously. I hold my friends accountable like how the way the mob holds their business associates accountable.

LOL….. well not literally put cement shoes on them but I think you get the idea. Any “friend” who betrays me and we are finished, period. I’ll likely never talk to them again and I suggest you take that stance if you haven’t already.

Try not to think of this too much as a depressing episode but rather an exciting one. All the fake friends who have shown what pieces of shit they are, have now been rooted out of your life. You should feel clean 🙂

Bonus bit: Concerning the user Vernaculis, who possibly spread a rumor behind closed doors of CrazyHair recording him in his sleep (he publicly denies this). He tried staying out of the spotlight, which I guess is fine. However, since he refused to say anything in CH’s defense, this more or less forced CH to defend herself. CrazyHair’s response was that the buttons on her Chinese knockoff GoPro were faulty.

Here’s 3 years worth of negative reviews of people saying the buttons don’t always work. This seems to be a common problem among Chinese clones.

link 1

link 2

link 3

Upon speaking up, that’s when Mr. Vern suddenly developed a backbone and comments publicly. Laying a guilt trip and accusing her of dragging him into it, though it was the other side who initially name-dropped him. I think he sensed the tide was being set against her by the bigger tubers. I.E. he went whatever direction the wind blew.

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