Well Done H3H3Productions

A quick rundown of what h3h3Productions has gone thru for over a year. These 2 made a video criticizing another user called MattHossZone, something that was clearly protected under Fair Use. Soon after their posting, Mr. Hoss decided to file a case of defamation. In other words, we hear in interwebz land would call this a case of chronic butthurt.

There are many parallels to what I went thru on Youtube almost 10 yrs ago but it never went this far. I too received a DMCA over someone not liking a post I had done and not long after, he filed a defamation suit against me. The content maker who sued couldn’t go to the courthouse due to him having anxiety and also couldn’t afford the travel costs.

He tried getting some of the early court hearings done via teleconference but the judge refused and ultimately the case was thrown out. Soon afterwards he made attack videos against the judge and eventually was featured on Fox News!

I had countless subscribers of his tell me how bad of a person I was for giving a brutally honest opinion on someone who i thought was being a holocaust denier. Even characterizing it as a “UFO theory” and said a few other ignorant things too. He eventually added several others onto his lawsuit such as one person calling him a “litigious motherfucker”. And yep he tried suing him for that as well.


LOL, in your judge’s closing statement she is dropping bombs on this guy:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eN0CIyF2ok&w=560&h=315]


There were times when I really wanted to see the lawsuit against me go thru. Especially upon realizing how weak the accusations were and how it could set a new legal precedent in better protecting content makers. This is a huge victory and thank you H3 for solidifying Fair Use into case law 🙂

For Matt Hoss, this is what you get for attempting to use the legal system as a weapon and trying to undercut people’s free expression. Enjoy your legal fees and if H3H3Products wanted to they could request the court that you also pay for their legal fees as well. I hope they do cuz you deserve it…

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