This 1895 video was restored in 4K

This 1895 video was restored in 4K and runs at 60 frames per second. It was taken at the La Ciotat train station by the Lumière Brothers. It’s considered one of the first motion pictures ever made. The 1st embed is the original while the 2nd has been restored. As a result the video plays in color and runs at 60fps!

Similarly I saw restoration video of Berlin taken right after the ending of WWII. This one however is more impressive given that the original is of lesser quality.

Many who were filmed probably didn’t understand the concept of motion picture. Or much less know they were being recorded in one of the first videos ever made. They’ve been deceased for a long time but yet their run-of-the-mill day is now forever documented. Also unaware of the fact that over a century later their day has been enhanced into 4K and being viewed by millions on the internet. Technologies they never dreamed of.

I posted a similar blog earlier concerning the historical moments involving photo and video. Anyone interested in reading that then click here.


Restored into color and 60fps: