Why I’m For Twitter’s 280 Character increase

On November 7th, 2017 Twitter announced they were increasing the character limit on tweets from 140 to 280 characters. The internet tends to be resistant to any kind of big changes so not surprisingly a lot of people complained. Personally,  I say that it is about time!

Twitter has never been the best place in sharing certain views, especially complex geopolitical situations and that 140 character limit can be extremely frustrating. There have been plenty of times where if that limit were increased just a tad bit it would’ve made my tweeting immensely easier.

So you might be asking yourself, if you want to elaborate on something further than just setup a blog and write about it there. That’s definitely a good alternative but unfortunately writing blogs can take awhile and sometimes you just don’t have the time to do that. For example, if you’re on-the-go then it’d be a lot easier to quickly express things in 1-2 tweets.

The old limit of 140 characters was roughly about 1.5 sentences and doubling to 280 now makes it up to 3. Really… you can’t be bothered to read up to 3 sentences? In my opinion if your attention span is that short, then perhaps the issue is less with Twitter and more with you? Just something to seriously think about it…..

Well Done H3H3Productions

A quick rundown of what h3h3Productions has gone thru for over a year. These 2 made a video criticizing another user called MattHossZone, something that was clearly protected under Fair Use. Soon after their posting, Mr. Hoss decided to file a case of defamation. In other words, we hear in interwebz land would call this a case of chronic butthurt.

There are many parallels to what I went thru on Youtube almost 10 yrs ago but it never went this far. I too received a DMCA over someone not liking a post I had done and not long after, he filed a defamation suit against me. The content maker who sued couldn’t go to the courthouse due to him having anxiety and also couldn’t afford the travel costs.

He tried getting some of the early court hearings done via teleconference but the judge refused and ultimately the case was thrown out. Soon afterwards he made attack videos against the judge and eventually was featured on Fox News!

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Photoshop – Easiest Way to Blend Tutorial


Here’s a method I’ve done in Adobe Photoshop that makes blending colors in images easy and looks real nice as well. You are going to use the smudge tool and create a custom brush preset in several steps down below.


Step 1:  Select the Smudge tool and at the menu bar click Window>Brush.



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Historical Events Captured on Photo

This slideshow video on history is not something I usually do but it’s something I’ve been wanting to put together for sometime. Some of the earliest pictures ever made are fascinating such as the last survivors of the American Revolution for example. Before doing this, I didn’t know any of them lived long enough for the camera to be invented and to have their pics taken.

There are lots more interesting pictures out that I was unable to include due to the background music only lasting about 3 minutes. I might possibly feature the other pics and create a ‘part 2’ video sometime in the future.

This was difficult to put together because the size ratio of early 19th century photos was way different than the standard widescreen format videos we have today. After doing some tinkering around in Photoshop I was able to get them to look reasonably nice in the video. I also remove some watermarks and timestamps in some of the photos as well. As I was removing a couple of these watermarks I was starting to get a bit upset. Think about it some of these pics are almost 200 years old and people are claiming ownership in something that clearly isn’t theirs…

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The Book of CrazyHair Has Been Written


I’m not gonna re-explain this whole situation if you’re not already in the know. It’s a real long story but AgentOfDoubt did a great job summing up the situation well. And he also made another post concerning the priming effect and confirmation bias.

Naomi here’s my assessment of this situation and ultimately what’s going on. I don’t think a lot of these guys truly believe you’re this horrible sociopath that they’ve made you out to be. They’ve done this not because it’s the honest thing to do…. but rather it’s the safest thing for them to do…

What do I mean by this? These guys may be shallow, hateful cunts but I don’t think they’re stupid. With the level of subscribers and viewership they get, they treat their precious little YT channels like a business (they’d be fools if they didn’t).

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Carrie Fisher

If you all remember a few days ago on the news that they said Stars Wars actress Carrie Fisher had suffered a heart attack during a flight? Eventually saying that Fisher was in “stable” condition but unfortunately it was not so stable because she died earlier today. Normally when hearing news of a celeb dying I just kinda say “oh that sucks” and kinda move on but this news of Carrie Fisher has me a bit upset.

Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher and may the force be with you!



How to Deal With Smear Tactics

There may come a time when a person is escalating things and viciously trying to defame you. For example, such as the shit-heel I was dealing with yesterday. In a situation like this then you may feel compelled to defend yourself.

Remember, if they are making outlandish accusations and personally attacking you then they’ve already compromised themselves.

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Avoid Devchelle2 and Madness Mayhem Charity

This involves an individual named devchelle2 and this person runs a charity called ‘Madness, Mayhem and Charity’. It annually raises money for a research organization thats been developing a vaccine for HIV. They’ve raised a lot of money and I do NOT take this away from them. In this regard they’ve done a lot of good, however it has recently come to my attention that this guy has some serious ethical issues. This is a problem especially since he’s involved in raising tens of thousands of dollars.

What started it all was I watched the 3rd and final Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump began discussing Hillary’s emails that were published by Wikileaks and as usual she did the ‘Russia did it‘ blame game. At the time of writing this blog they have yet to reveal any hard evidence.

Even if the accusations were true, in my honest opinion that is a secondary issue. The primary issue in a lot of people’s view (mine included) is that these leaked emails have revealed systemic corruption with the 2-party system in the United States. I tried my best to clearly tweet out that viewpoint. Unfortunately with Twitter’s pesky 140 character limit you can only express yourself so well.


After tweeting my views this is how Mr. Devchelle interpreted it:


My response:


His responses:






     Basically he thinks I’m some sort of unpatriotic sycophant for the Kremlin, blah blah blah. All because I had the “audacity” to think outside this 2-party box that the mainstream media tries so hard to keep us in. Every-time a serious revelation is made on the establishment, the corporate media will say, “Hey look Justin Bieber got arrested again” or in this case “Hey look Russia”. Like i basically said in my tweet it’s all a big distraction…

     Normally a person like this would have been instantly blocked but since we had known each other a while I figured I’d try to reach out. Get him to calm down and see things from my viewpoint. LOL, what a waste of time!

I was getting sick of this and suddenly remembered how he had dicked me around a while back with a falsely advertised eBay auction on his MMC charity fundraiser. So i angrily tweeted this out



Afterwards he starts asking me to back up what i was saying and to explain. Fair enough i made the accusation so it was my responsibility to prove it.

eBay auction listed as TWO 24×18 inch paintings on the charity account:


One was actually a 24×18 painting and the other was a photo copy:


     Initially I wasn’t upset about not receiving 2 paintings, just kinda bummed. However, when I tried contacting he ignored me repeatedly. In fact, it wasn’t until I had to put him on the spot while doing a livestream was when he finally replied and said it wasn’t his problem. This is where I started to get pissed cuz he clearly didn’t give a shit about his donors getting screwed.

Still refuses to show responsibility:


     Don’t play that non-liability blame game like big corporations do. You’re not a corporation, you’re a flesh and blood human being. If you own a restaurant and your cook is not preparing the steaks well-done. When the customers come to complain about pink being in the middle, are you gonna tell them, “Oh I’m not the cook, I’m only the owner of this shit-hole. You need to go to the kitchen and take that up with my cook!”

     That kind of nonsense just damages you and your charity’s name and frankly it’s a great way to make enemies. And how the way you talked to me last night, you certainly made an enemy out of me…


     Motherfucker I tried contacting multiple times and was blown off. It never would have became a big deal if you got back to me and at least showed an ounce of responsibility. Just you merely trying to figure out what happened or a simple apology would’ve gone a long way but nope not even that…

     I was watching last night’s debate, minding my own fucking business and suddenly I’m attacked publicly and unprovoked for over an hour by someone I hadn’t heard from in 2 years. Not a “hi”, “hello” or “how have you been”.

     I kept quiet on this auction scandal because I’m smart enough to see the repercussions this could have on the charity. However, after how he acted last night I think the world needs to know what this guy is like.


Number 1 tip to saving on eBay

I didn’t want to spend another $40 on a case, especially for a phone that’s now a backup since I just got the new iPhone 6s Plus. So I start searching around on eBay and immediately found a seller who was asking $12 for it.

After digging around, I found another eBayer selling the same case for $9.99

Then I searched ebay deeper and found one for $8.33  but there was no ‘Buy It Now’ option. So I placed my bid and during the last hour of the auction, someone outbids me. Understandably I was disappointed at this point and I was thinking about giving up and just buying from the guy selling it at $9.99

I decided to scour eBay one more time and sure enough I found another seller wanting the same case for $7 and included the ‘Best Offer’ option. I send him my offer price of $6 but he just lets me sit there for almost 24 hours and doesn’t respond.

After getting tired of waiting, I found yet another eBayer selling a case made by the same manufacturer but it was the higher model# case that retails slightly higher ($45) than the one i was shopping for. He was asking $6.49 and had the ‘Best Offer’ option available.

I didn’t want to risk pissing the seller off by low balling him cuz I’ve been at this for 2 days. I didn’t think i’d find a deal better than this, so I made an offer of $6 and within 10 minutes the seller accepts.

$45 protective case for $6!

Number 1 tip saving money on eBay? Patience and lots of it!