Kittens In A Crevice :-)

I noticed these 2 twin kittens a few days ago and couldn’t resist to film and share on the web. It also gave me a great opportunity to make a Caturday post since I haven’t done one of those in a while. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Happy Caturday

This video at first was difficult to record because she was at first nervous with me pointing the camera. After awhile she got used to it and began acting her usual self. Most of these cats love rubbing themselves onto you, but this one never does. She only rubs on outdoor items instead, which is fantastic for an allergy sufferer like myself 🙂

Great material for Caturday. Enjoy!

Big Cats Acting Like House Cats

When big cats are raised among humans, some start behaving like their smaller relatives the domestic cat

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Have A Caturday Weekend!

Caturday for this weekend shall be Big Cat Edition!! Big black jaguar loves to nibble on fingers just like an ordinary house cat would. Enjoy!