Right to Repair

Right to Repair laws needs to become a reality. It’s becoming harder to repair devices and thus increase longevity. This practice not only fucks over people’s wallets, it’s taking a terrible toll on the environment.

I’ll never forget a video posted by a friend where he had to take apart an entire laptop. This was just to replace a CPU fan that cost about $5 on eBay.

Louis Rossmann is a computer repair technician and posts some of his work on Youtube. Lately he has been traveling the country, speaking with state legislatures to get on board with this. Louis is going up against a lot of powerful lobbyists and he is people-funded too! Highly recommend you contribute to his patreon page as this endeavor could help a lot of people.

Washington state is now considering passing ‘Right to Repair’ legislation to combat this. Manufacturers aren’t going to make “repair friendly” devices in Washington only and then produce different devices for the rest of the country. This could have far reaching effects nationwide especially if more states get on board.

Here’s a video of Democrats and Republicans grilling a lobbyist who attempted to argue against Right to Repair. Very interesting