DoD document on U.S. supporting ISIS 3 years ago

Just something to think about whenever ISIS finally does attack U.S. soil. Rather than try to do something about it early on, the U.S. doused gasoline on the flames, thus spilling over into Iraq and now you got ISIS chapters growing in Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

Plus, there’s a major humanitarian crisis of refugees flooding into Europe. Thanks to the Paris attacks, people living there are now paranoid about all those refugees being undercover ISIS fighters. Yea people fleeing from those who wanna kill them, and then turn around to kill the ppl willing to give them sanctuary?! Yea that makes lots of sense….

This is the same fucking mistake made in Afghanistan back in the 1980’s. We supported the opposition group who was fighting  the Soviet Union and those guys eventually become known as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. And what happened? It all eventually roosted on our doorstep years later on September 11th, 2001. So if you have any loved ones who get hurt of killed in future ISIS attacks, be sure to remember this released document right here.

Get out of this left vs. right paradigm mindset, neither party gives a fuck about you and both sold you out a long time ago. They only cater to the billionaire class and their SuperPACs. They are willing to do whatever it takes no matter how much it puts you and your loved one’s lives in danger…

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