Democratic Primary & Possible Fraud

Not long after the conclusion of the 2016  Democratic primary , some volunteers and statisticians got together to investigate the election results. The group is called Election Justice USA and they came up with some rather interesting statistics.

If you read the PDF linked below you can tell there’s a big difference between poll numbers and the vote count on the Democrat side. In fact, in some states the polls vs vote count was way beyond the margin of error and this implies voter fraud may have taken place.

New York state was especially troubling because not only did they have a lot of delegates up for grabs but there were up to 3 million Independents prevented from voting. Additionally, in Brooklyn there were over 120,000 registered Democrats who mysteriously had their party affiliation changed.

When it comes to Donlad Trump however, regardless of whether you like him or not the same however cannot be said for his number. In almost every state Trump’s poll numbers and voter count matched well within the margin of error. The PDF document is about 100 pages long so it’ll take a while to digest all the info but it’s well worth looking into. On around page 40 is where the stats start to look a little weird.

Here’s a link to the PDF file

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